Thursday, 1 March 2018

Dental Implants – An Ideal Tooth Loss Treatment

Losing a tooth or a set of teeth is always undesirable. But it’s also the part of life. When humans enter into the elder age, they start losing teeth. The people who manage to preserve their teeth throughout their lives are very rare. Furthermore, there are some other reasons too which can result in tooth loss at an early age. Thus, the options to get a set of teeth after losing one or some are more than one.

Among many options, the one that people usually consider is application of dentures. Denture may contain one or more than one faux tooth which can be helpful in chewing foods. However, dentures do not fully restore the functionality that of natural teeth. The option which can almost fully restore dental functionality is dental implants.

Quality of life with dental implants
Although the use of dentures has become more of a tradition than requirement, it isn’t the ideal option if you truly want to restore functionality of your missing tooth or teeth. Dentures remain at the risk of slipping out of the mouth. This loose fitting doesn’t let anyone to apply full force while chewing or biting. While full dentures are not very problematic, partial dentures can pose serious risks of infection. The use of partial dentures can result in tooth decay or gum disease especially when there is a loose fitting.

Since the use of dentures can add a challenge in an already challenging life, you can consider having implants instead of dentures. You just need to have healthy gums and jawbone in order to have dental implants. Dental implants are the surgically fitted teeth which are inserted into the jawbone. Hence, the phenomenon of dental implants is quite similar to that of natural teeth.

Why you should consider dental implants?
It always starts with the looks. The immediate concern for most of the people right after losing a tooth is the disturbed outlook. Nobody wants to smile with an open window to the oral cavity. It certainly brings the confidence level of a person down. Now, you may think that dentures are going to fill the gaps. It’s true. But the sensation of having something faux inside mouth, especially when that faux feature poorly mimics the natural one, is not something quite pleasant.

All these worries can be avoided with dental implants. Since it is going to consist of a metal root deeply penetrated into the jawbone, there is no risk of falling out. In fact, dental implant tends to restore natural strength of a tooth to the fullest. Hence, you can continue with your normal eating habits after getting dental implant.

In order to get a dental implant, you need to visit your dentist to discuss every option to make the process a success.

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