Thursday, 11 April 2019

3 More Healthy Holiday Treats

After writing up a piece on 4 healthier treats you can put in your child’s Holiday basket this year, we realized there were still some snacks left uncovered.

While we understand some of these may be less traditional options to put in the Holiday baskets of kids, they’re extremely healthy in comparison to so many candies out there on the market. Besides, your children may not even know that some of these contain things like nuts, yogurt, or fruit within.

Read on to see what you’re missing out on for Holiday stuffers!

Chocolate covered nuts
This may be the easiest thing to sell your kids on when it comes to healthy snacks or candies. First of all, so many of these come in pastel colored coatings, so they look like any other Holiday candy. The great thing is the nuts within contain so many nutritional benefits that it’s hard to not continue buying these year round. From protein and iron to fiber and good fats, nuts are packed with nutrients that your children need. A lot of candies in this category are typically coated with milk chocolate. While dark chocolate is better for you and your children, the coating is typically thin enough to still be alright even if it is milk chocolate. Look for candies that contain sunflower seeds, almonds, and Brazil nuts more than other types of nuts.

Chocolate covered yogurt
This is personally my favorite out of any type of candy, and yet I don’t ever find myself getting it very often. It’s almost one of those snacks that a lot of people forget about. Yogurt, though, is extremely healthy in that it contains tons of protein and healthy fats. If you see this on shelves, grab a few bags: one for you, one for your kids!

Chocolate covered dried fruit
Just like chocolate covered nuts, dried berries are extremely healthy. From antioxidants to healthy sugars, berries are great in smaller portions. If you can find some that are covered in dark chocolate, that’s your best bet. You may even be able to spot some chocolate covered pomegranate seeds, which sounds absolutely heavenly to adults, too.

Reese’s peanut butter egg
The classic Holiday basket stuffer. They’re always portion controlled, which goes a long way in keeping your kids in moderation. But the amount of protein, iron, fiber, and calcium in these from the peanut butter alone actually makes Reese’s eggs so much healthier than most other candies out there. Don’t skip out on putting this iconic treat in your child’s Holiday basket.

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